Penn & Teller and MSN Search Champs V2

A director and crew from the Penn & Teller BullS@#$! show are coming to my house on Sunday to shoot an interview and footage for the 3rd season of this Showtime comedy show. Sunday happens to be my 36th birthday and this should be entertaining. I don’t watch much TV and do not have Showtime so I had to do some research on the show this morning. I don’t agree with any of their political or religious views (at least those they portray on the show), but I have been assured that this show is more lighthearted and not as controversial as some of those other shows. They want to interview me and ask questions about having the latest and greatest mobile devices and try to figure out what drives my PDA addiction. I am sure they will like my new license plate you can see on my truck, PDAGEEK. I’ll have to take a photo and put that up here on my blog site. So if I spread the news that they are going to be shooting at my house, I wonder how big of a party I can have:) We actually just planned a simple family thing, but now will invite a few more family and friends along who may be shown on Showtime in some background footage.

The news keeps getting better too as I have been invited to participate as a team member on the MSN Search Champs V2 team. I was a member of the initial team and provided input on using MSN Search on mobile devices. After my emails they had MSN Search working on Windows Mobile devices within a couple days. I get to stay in a hotel for a couple nights and work directly with the MSN Search team to help improve their product and am excited to be a member again.

  1. #1 by Sarah Squared on March 13, 2005 - 14:04

    The party sounds like a blast!

    I took am PDA geek’d out…. only more like the female version.
    I love my Tungsten C and I find it very useful for almost everything but a lot of typing.

    I plan to get into programming applications with it this week! Just doing the reasearch on how to get started.

    I’m surprised to find a blog out there relating to the subject though…. that’s new for me! Way-to-go! 😀

    Come visit some time,

    Palm Pilot lover,

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