Birthday and interview for Showtime

The interview yesterday seemed to go quite well and I am sure that Penn & Teller will probably have a good time ripping me apart as a big dork. The actual interview with the producer was straight forward and he asked me questions about my devices, which would work best in an avalanche, what devices the Star Wars characters would use, and more. They were at the house for about 4 hours and at the end they wanted to film my wife and daughters giving me my birthday gift. It seems that Showtime helped my wife out with a gift for the trouble of coming over to our house and taking away some time on my birthday so she ended up getting me a 26 inch LCD TV. It replaces our 10 year old 32″ Panasonic TV with a hole in it and is actually a very cool TV. I can even plug in my computer and am fairly certain I can plug in my PDAs with the correct cable attached, like the Dell presentation cable. My wife usually leaves technology purchases up to me, but she did a great job with this one and now I can’t wait to watch some movies on it. I may have to finally upgrade to something other than basic cable now and in the future a Media Center PC may also be in the cards.

I dropped the ball on reviews this weekend since it as so beautiful out here in Washington. I spent most all day Saturday in the yard and then went to my cousin’s wedding that evening. Sunday was spent at church, filming with Showtime, and then off to the Keg for a birthday dinner that was awesome.

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