Treo 650 still my main device, reviews stacking up

I just passed two full weeks with my palmOne Treo 650 and it is still the main device in my hand. Generally, my enthusiasm wanes after a week or two, but I am still quite excited and interested in this Treo 650. My i-mate PDA2K has bee relegated to a spot in my Swiss Army carrying bag (a Mobius 2004 gift) and I have only been using it to test the Mugen Power 3600 mAh battery. I have experienced a couple of more soft resets, but figured out that it was due to a 3rd party application. I have SplashBlog loaded on my SD card with PowerRun and if I start SplashBlog and then launch the camera followed by no inactivity so the device display shuts off then when I turn it back on it may soft reset. I have no problem with this because I am running an application of a SD card and then using a built in function that could easily be confusing things and is not something I do regularly.

Other than that incident and a couple other 3rd party application issues, the Treo 650 has been rock solid for me. I have never experienced a hard reset and will have to perform one manually soon to test out the TealBackup software I am reviewing.

I have been quite busy with family life and my review queue is getting rather large. We are working on a Tax Refund Buying Guide where we should cover quite a few products and get caught back up on reviews. I have to turn down many software titles and other products because I just do not have the time to spend reviewing all the products. I wish I was able to write reviews, write books, help people out, and work in the mobile device industry full time. I also now have to drive the vanpool one way everyday so I lose an hour of my mobile device time there.

We are going to go buy The Incredibles DVD at Wal-Mart tonight and then check it out together with family movie night on my new birthday gift, the 26 inch LCD TV, my wife picked up at Costco thanks in part to Showtime.

  1. #1 by muckdog on March 15, 2005 - 21:35

    Just got mine last weekend. It’s great. Using pocket tunes for playing recorded radio and mp3 files, also using the streaming audio a bit. Got the bluetooth headphone from Body Glove. Works pretty good, although kind of a hassle. Haven’t had too many issues, other than sprint not setting things up correctly at the get-go. Web browsing slow, but at least it’s there. It’ll get faster over time. Very cool device. Got my Senna case on the way… Cheers!

  2. #2 by Davis on July 28, 2005 - 06:51

    Got my treo 650 two days ago, after loving and relying very heavily on my tro 600 for about 18 months.

    I have to agree though that volume lives on full almost all the time, a firmware fix for this would be nice.

    My biggest issue however is that my sms messages didn’t sync from my treo 600. there is all sorts of information in there that I desparately want to keep. If you (or anyone else) knows of a fix or a workaround so that I can get my sms messages (that are backed up on my PC from my treo 600’s last hotsync) onto my treo 650 that would be very appreciated.

    Yes, another point I agree strongly with is that installing as many applications on your SD card is the way to go, something I learnt the hard way with my treo 600


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