Treo 650 volume issues and MSN Search Champs gift

OK, there is one aspect of the Treo 650 that is bugging me a bit and may be a serious issue for those who are on the phone quite a bit. The speaker and speakerphone volume are horrible. I can barely hear my wife on the phone and the speakerphone only works if you are in a very quiet environment. I am going to email my palmOne contact to see if there is a firmware update that can fix this issue. Volume is excellent with a Bluetooth headset, which is what I use the majority of the time so it has not been too bothersome. The thing is, the volume for ringers, games, etc. is extremely loud and I actually have to turn it down. The PDA2K has excellent speaker and speakerphone volume levels and that is what I want on the 650.

As I mentioned last year, I was invited to the MSN Search Champs conference in Redmond for a couple of days. It was great to participate as a member of this inaugural team and provide direct feedback to Microsoft on MSN Search and desktop search. I just received a very large box from Sean Carver and the rest of the MSN Search Champs coordination team last night and understand they sent out a final gift to each Search Champs V1 member. It turned out to be a MSN Search Champs stamped Creative Zen XTRA 30GB MP3 player. Very cool!! I charged it up last night and plan on checking it out some more tonight.

I stated this a week or so ago, but I have also been invited back for MSN Search Champs V2 that will kick off next month. I look forward to seeing some of my new friends from all over the world as well as providing more feedback to the MSN Search team. I actually use MSN Search quite a bit now on my mobile devices as I try to see what can be done to optimize and improve it for mobile devices. Please email me at palmsoloATgeekDOTcom if you have any feedback on MSN Search or desktop search and I can pass that along directly to Microsoft.

  1. #1 by davis on August 3, 2005 - 00:07


    this advice may be a bit premature, as I haven’t tried it yet, but have you tried “volume care”


  2. #2 by palmsolo on August 3, 2005 - 06:22

    I no longer have a Treo 650 or else I would give this a try. I heard it does fix the volume issue for most people. I may try the 650 again in the future though so will keep it in mind. Thanks.

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