Site updates, should I pursuit my dreams?

I am planning on little sleep this weekend as I do some reformatting to my blog and working on my huge review backlog for, adding links to my favorite sites and blogs, and other improvements.

It looks like my interview will be on the Penn & Teller show and I imagine my blog may get some traffic increase as a result so I am trying to get things how I want them before the show goes live. It may be on in June, but I will let you all know when I find out for sure.

I am also contemplating pursuing some other interests that I have since I am just not that excited about commuting 2+ hours every day to a job that is really not that exciting to me. While the work can be interesting and challenging at times, it can also be quite boring at times. The company I work for is outstanding and the benefits and security are what keep me coming to work every day. It is just tough to get up at 4:30 am and get home at 4:30 pm every day when I have other interests that really excite me. Some other ideas I am working on are mobile device consulting (security of mobile devices, how to optimize their use, what device is best for your company, etc), science fiction book writing (I have been a SciFi fan since I was a kid and am an avid reader who loves to write), mobile device book writing (I wrote one book and am pursuing other titles), mobile application developer (I have to learn a language still, but am interested and pick up technical things very quickly), and website designer (I have done a couple for family and friends and could pick this up as well). As you can see I have several ideas and am working on some of them now. They are quite risky pursuits, but they are all ones that get me excited and would allow me to work from my home or at least within a few minutes of my home. My wife’s Party Lite candle business is doing quite well and we could probably make it if I can get setup with at least one of these interests. Am I crazy to consider pursuing these ideas and should I just stick with what works?

  1. #1 by Mattp9 on March 18, 2005 - 08:32

    I recently have learned the difference between the “I need” and “I should” in my life. If your current work is a soul killer, and interferes with your family or spirit, then it may be that you can say “I need to make some lifestyle surgery here to protect my health and happiness.”

    Thing to consider are your horizon for retirement, kids college needs, as well as your need or want to stretch your entrepreneur spirit.

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