Boring and frustrating days lead to wild thoughts :)

I made my post about alternative careers and review postings the other day on a day when I was seriously bored at work and very frustrated with my daily commute. I have a family to support and my current employer pays very well, has a great retirement plan, has excellent benefits, and just offered me to buy in as part owner of the company so I must have been loopy making that post the other day. I can’t give up the security and benefits, even if there are days when I am bored and frustrated. I am sure people are this way in every job they have.

That being said, I am still considering pursuing some of my dreams like writing science fiction books (maybe I’ll start with some short ebook stories) and getting into my blog more.

I want to also apologize to Sam and Joel Evans from for freaking them out a bit about my review ramblings. I may post an occasional review here on my blog, but I don’t want this to become a review site since they are more than willing to allow me to post all I want on, which sees a ton more traffic than I could ever see here. These guys took me in back in 2001 as a writer and my involvement with has opened a ton of doors to some great fun that has kept the “kid” in me alive.

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