Site reformatting and cool Mappoint utility

As you can see, I found a Blogger template that I am tweaking to get it how I like it and so far things seem to be going pretty well. I could use other blog software, but I like some of the easy functionality in Blogger and really do not have a lot of spare time to spend on the site. I plan on cleaning it up a bit more this weekend and adding a left sidebar with more links to sites, etc. This current template looks very good on my Treo 650 so I don’t want to mess with it too much though. I will also add a photo of myself next to my cool new WA State license plate you have to see.

One cool little tool I found was the Microsoft Mappoint utility posted on Chandu Thota’s blog. Click on the Neighblog Map icon over in my right sidebar to see where I am blogging from and see those in my vicinity. There are hundreds of Microsoft bloggers not too far from me and this looks like a fun tool to see what bloggers are in your area and may even lead to meeeting some people or finding some great local blogs.

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