Listening to Podcasts and trying out the PDA2K again

I have listened to a few Podcasts on my devices and today I downloaded the latest ones from Engadget,, and PDAntic. Engadget’s was enjoyable and actually encouraged me to go take a look at the upcoming Sony PSP online a bit more and has me considering one of these cool devices. I really don’t have the funds, but could sell more of my devices to pick one up. The podcasts are done pretty well, but Jeff Kirvin is way too pro-Palm for me and I don’t think gives the Windows Mobile devices enough credit. I am a big Palm fan too, but I also enjoy Windows Mobile devices and think they both have their strengths.

My favorite podcast of the three I listened to during lunch was Steve’s PDAntic recording. I liked when he talked about us gadget geeks and how we may need to enroll in a 12-step program. He said something about our addiction being less expensive and less harmful than drugs, but wondered if we really needed to keep upgrading. He mentioned that his Nokia 3650 still serves him well and I have to admit that I too could get by with the Nokia 3650. However, since I review software, accessories, and hardware for I like to have newer model devices so I can test out the latest and greatest. If I wasn’t involved with, then I probably would stop getting the latest device every 3-6 months. Then again, who would Peter make fun of if I stopped upgrading :)?

I wonder if anyone would listen to a podcast from me? Hmmm, I may have to consider that in the future. Where can I find some other good podcasts that you recommend and listen to?

Speaking of Windows Mobile and Palm devices, I am giving my PDA2K another chance since I have been using the Treo 650 for over 2 straight weeks. I want to see if my use of the Treo 650 has been due to newdevicephilia or if it truly can take the place of my excellent i-mate PDA2K. I have to say that the speaker volume and speakerphone volume of the PDA2K blows away these volumes on the Treo 650 device. I will be including results of these direct comparisons in my Treo 650 full review that I am still targeting for posting by the end of March, which is only 10 days away.

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