My wish list for future Windows Mobile operating systems

I personally don’t care too much about the improvements in Word and Excel since nothing can really touch the power of TextMaker and PlanMaker. I also get lots of functionality in Internet Explorer through Spb Pocket Plus. The addition of PowerPoint will be a nice feature and I hope there will be other improvements in the OS itself (speed improvements, usability improvements, etc.)

I also have several features and functions I want to see in Windows Mobile that I do not think we will see in 2005. They include:

  1. Better thumb keyboard integration (I want the ability to control and use all the menus, toolbars, etc. with my keyboard and leave the stylus in the silo)
  2. I want the ability to have the top and bottom toolbars hidden in the core apps (i.e. in Pocket Word I want to see a completely blank white screen where I can enter data with a thumb keyboard or external keyboard without having toolbars take away from the writing area)
  3. I want to see improvements in MSN Messenger (colored fonts, smiley support, etc.)
  4. I want to see a File Explorer like Resco File Explorer with ZIP support integrated too
  5. I want to see the Smart Dialing feature found in the JAM in all Phone Edition devices
  6. I want the ability to delete, move, rename, etc. files from Find (I also want to know the path of the files in Find )
  7. I want a better calculator
  8. I want to see a RSS application as part of the OS
  9. I would like to see submenu/cascading menu support for the Start Menu, in the Remove Programs utility I want to see where the program is loaded and how much memory it consumes so I can better manage the memory of the device
  10. And lastly, I would like to see USB flash drive functionality so I can connect to any computer even without ActiveSync installed.

I am only asking for a few things and expect they will eventually be addressed in the Windows Mobile OS.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on March 22, 2005 - 06:44

    For a free, better calculator:

    Calc98 from

    or Ray’s RPN calculator from

    The former has the all-important correct operator precedence (so 2+3*5 is 17, not 25) and the latter, well, if you like RPN, you already know why!

    Both are FAR better than the useless built-in Windows one; the calc in Windows 3.1 had Scientific mode, why not the Pocket PC?!


  2. #2 by Robert on March 22, 2005 - 20:53

    Hey Matt,
    Have you tried to use the 650 as a modem with the bluetooth feature? Some of the blogs say they are turned off by sprint and others, and since yours is unlocked, I was wondering if it will work as a modem. I am planning a trip to west Texas soon for vacation, and need to be able to use the laptop.

  3. #3 by palmsolo on March 23, 2005 - 08:09


    It is an option right in the Bluetooth utility on my Treo 650. I haven’t actually tested it yet though since I do not have a laptop. I may try using something like my Tungsten T3 though to check it out before I post my review.

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