Transferring files via Bluetooth and Nokia 7610 initial thoughts

I am reviewing the Nokia 7610 Series 60 Smartphone and wanted to load up the latest version of Opera, but since I was at work I did not have the USB cable that the 7610 comes with to install Opera directly. Also, I just discovered that the Nokia 7610 does not have an infrared port. Wow, I thought IR was standard on just about everything and I like to have IR since it seems to work all the time for me on all devices. I will have to test out my Think Outside/Dell Bluetooth keyboard now since IR is out of the question. So without a cable or IR, I then said “no problem” I still have Bluetooth. So I put the installation file on my PDA2K and then tried to turn on the Bluetooth radio. However, the Bluetooth stack is a bit buggy sometimes and I kept on getting an error stating their was insufficient driver memory available and I would have to reset my device. After three soft resets, the Bluetooth radio still would not come on. I then pulled out my new Treo 650 with Bluetooth. I put the file on a SD card, started up TealMover (file manager for Palm devices), and selected to send via Bluetooth. Voila! the file transferred quickly after discovering the Nokia and then the installation launched automatically on the 7610 and now I have Opera on it. I have to admit, surfing with Opera on a Series 60 device is very good and competes well with my other mobile devices.

Some initial thoughts on the Nokia 7610 are that it is quite sleek and fashionable. I am reviewing one with black casing and it is very cool. It feels quite solid in my hand, although removing the back cover to access the battery, Reduced Size MMC card, and SIM card is a bit awkward. The display is much better than I have on my Nokia 3650 and the keypad is more user friendly. The Nokia 3650 took very decent 640×480 photos, but this 7610 is even better with a 1152×864 pixels camera capable of still and video images. I wish it used a standard SD card or even MMC card, but it uses the new Reduced Size MMC (RS-MMC) format so yet another format card is needed. At least the unit comes with a 64MB card in the package to get you started and it does have a MMC adapter so you can use it easily in card readers. I could never get my Nokia 3650 to sync with my desktop using a Bluetooth dongle and am very happy to report that the 7610 syncs flawlessly with my Outlook desktop data using the included USB cable. I haven’t tried syncing it via Bluetooth yet. I did try connecting with some of my Bluetooth headsets and it works very well. I was even able to dial using pre-recorded voice commands from my Bluetooth headset. Why can’t everyone get their Bluetooth drivers working this well? The 7610 also runs Symbian Series 60 Version 2.0, which is one reason I wanted to review this model as the Nokia 3650 I have runs version 1.0.

  1. #1 by Luis Alberto Arjona on March 24, 2005 - 00:09

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    There is an email link on the right side margin of my blog at the bottom of my links. Feel free to email me at palmsoloATgeekDOTcom (replace the AT and DOT with the propoer symbols).

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