Successful salvage trip

As I recently posted, I had to fly to St. Croix to perform the calculations and put together the technical aspects of the salvage plan for the grounded containership SEA CLOUD. I am sure most of my readers are not that familiar with naval architecture (ship design) because it is not that big of a field of study. It can be very interesting work and the below is a bit of my most recent events, with some geeky stuff included.

I received a call on Saturday while we were on our way to dinner at Bahama Breeze. I had to make some calls and then found out I had to leave that evening for St. Croix, USVI. I had an 11:30 pm flight through Dallas and Miami.

While on the final leg of my journey to St. Croix, from Miami, I watched the movie After the Sunset. In the very beginning of the movie, one character, Selma Hyak, used a Treo 600 to send a message to Pierce Brosnan in the stands of a Lakers game. They then showed Brosnan using a Sony Clie, looked like NX70 blue device, remote controlling the SUV that Woody Harrelson was trapped in. Cool uses of devices in an enjoyable movie with a nice setup twist.

I arrived at 4:30 pm in St. Croix and turned on my phone to check for a signal and I was surprised that Cingular popped right up on the PDA2K. I wasn’t able to get data from where I was staying on the ship though and my Treo 650 review is delayed and I wasn’t able to post blurbs. I went directly to the ship and started performing calculations to figure out a plan for refloating the ship.

I was up until Midnight local time and knocked out some good calcs. I was up early the next morning and worked all day to get a plan approved by the US Coast Guard. They approved my plan and we were then scheduled to attempt refloating early the next morning.

Everything started at 1 am and went smooth. Then the ship started to move off all by itself, just as I predicted, and the two tugs pulled it free and clear.When it floated free and was stable, I can’t hardly describe the rush and excitement I experienced. It was like making a winning touchdown, but even greater since there was so much money and personnel riding on my analysis. This was an AWESOME trip and I will never forget it.

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