Geeky mobile device stuff on my salvage trip

As I described in my salvage story, when I travel for salvage work I have to take a laptop due to the ship modeling software that I use. I created an Excel spreadsheet that uses parametric data to give me some quick and dirty answers and have it on both my Palm (with Documents to Go) and Windows Mobile device. While I have been raving about the Treo 650, this trip gave me a chance to test out which device would work best for me in a serious situation and not just a testing scenario. I also have a couple geeky things to mention.

I took both the PDA2K and Treo 650 and started off with the Treo, but then switched to the PDA2K so I could get better speaker volume. I used the PDA2K for a critical conference call, with speakphone on, since the 650 volume is unacceptable and I needed something reliable and tested. I also assisted the ship’s captain with setting up his Outlook Express account and he was extremely excited about my assistance. I let the Salvage Master use my PDA2K with his SIM card when his BlackBerry battery died. All the salvage guys used BlackBerry devices too.

So I used the PDA2K most of the time and then finally went to the hotel after getting the ship afloat. I stayed on the boat the first 2 nights. Well I tried the Treo 650 and voila the data connection started right up. The 650 has the settings preloaded and I just input the SIM card. I then tried my settings on the PDA2K and the T-Mobile settings worked fine I must have just been in a dead area for data on the ship. So I now have data and uploaded several shots to my photo blog.

If the Treo 650 had better speaker and speakerphone volume then I may have used it more, but until palmOne updates the ROM I will have to take the PDA2K with me on my trips. The PDA2K wins the battle in this trip and made the 650 seem inadequate. I also tried opening these blog entries I wrote using Pocket Word on the Treo and Docs to Go kept crashing.

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