Treo 650 back in my hands again

Ok, now that I am home from my big salvage trip, I am carrying around the Treo 650 again. I am addicted to the push email feature of Chatter and also LOVE my black crocodile leather Piel Frama case. It is so much easier to carry around the Treo 650 than it is the PDA2K. However, I can’t sell my PDA2K since it still beats the Treo 650 in a few areas and actually works a bit better as a phone (in the volume area). Thankfully nothing new has arrived on my doorstep this week as I have to finish up my Treo 650 review and get our big Tax Refund Buying/Pricing Guide together so we can make it live on April 15th. Which reminds me, I still have to finish up my own taxes as well. Dang, no sleep this weekend for me 🙂

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