PUSH email on a Windows Mobile device?

I like the PUSH email I get on the Treo 650 with Chatter Email, but since the PDA2K is a more powerful device with better phone functionality I looked around for a way to get the same functionality in it. If I had an Exchange server then I would be all set, but I don’t have one at home and we use a Novell server at work. I could pay for a hosted Exchange service, which may be something to try in a bit. I found and tried the Smartner Always On email service, but it was not giving true push email and only attempting to connect every 5 minutes or so and the settings were limited with my current IMAP account. I do not need to pay another $13 a month for a hosted Exchange service since email is not vital to living or anything and the push functionality is just a fun, addictive feature to have.

The president of our company, one of my Windows Mobile Phone Edition converts, was chatting with me today and said he saw the new Audiovox model, similar to my PDA2K, in the Verizon store and plans to keep his Samsung i700 for another 10 months or so. I told him that was a good idea since Windows Mobile 2005 is coming out this summer and new devices should be ready later this fall and winter. He absolutely loves his Phone Edition and carries it with him everywhere. I too think my Windows Mobile Phone Edition is the bomb and think the only thing it really lacks is better keyboard integration. I would love to see a Windows Mobile device with the Treo 650 form factor and hope the rumors and speculation turn out to be true sometime in the future.

  1. #1 by LAK on April 5, 2005 - 17:22

    i completely agree on the Push email issue for the PDK2. I have the Sprint 6601 and love it… posting from it now on the treadmill….. but push mail i am desperate for, especially with my 2200 battery on it! i ave it check one acct every 5 minutes but that is not push and would be a huge help for work! hopeefully, someone will put one out…..

  2. #2 by Anonymous on July 3, 2005 - 07:57

    1and1.com has exchange 2003 hosting for 6 bucks a month. Much cheaper than the $13 you canvassed. They work great for me. My email is available on my pda, outlook and on the web all the time

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