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I just signed up for the free Treo Road Show that is coming to Seattle on 26 April and plan on going to the morning show. I already have a Treo and know quite a bit about devices ;), but wanted to see if there are other ideas I can use to help justify their use here at work. As of now, I am the only one in my office with a Palm Smartphone, but I have convinced 3 others to use Windows Mobile Phone Edition devices and they are very happy with them.

I am torn between the Treo 650 and PDA2K right now since the phone performance of the Treo is disappointing and starting to bug me when I can’t hear people speaking clearly on the other end of the line. I love the way I can control it with one hand and wish it had Windows Mobile on it. I used my PDA2K to write up and submit my blurbs on Geek.com today, but it would have been much, much more difficult to do on my Treo 650 since there are issues with multitasking and clipboard sizes. I have actually been considering getting rid of the Treo 650 and going back to the wonderful JAM, but I just need to be patient and hope palmOne comes out with a ROM update for the low volume issues soon.

I submitted my Treo 650 review last night and it has a couple of paragraphs comparing the PDA2K with it as well. It may go live this week or early next week. I also submitted 5 mini-reviews and am now focusing on getting the big Tax Guide, with over 50 products in it, ready to go live on the 15th of April.

Joel and I are throwing around the idea of doing mobile device podcasts every other week and I am researching tools that would allow me to create the podcast on my mobile devices themselves since I am such a mobile device geek.

I found out my company decided against the Tablet PCs for now, but I will be getting a Dell laptop later this month or early next month for my work use. This will be great since I need a laptop ready to go in case of a salvage emergency and it was a real pain to come in right before I flew out last week and try to get a laptop setup. I considered selling some devices and picking up a laptop for myself recently, but will see how this work one does first.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on April 6, 2005 - 11:45

    I for one would love to hear a podcast from you & Joel. There is a great guy at mobilepodcast.org who has been doing a podcast from his Treo. Check it out.

  2. #2 by LAK on April 6, 2005 - 18:59

    totally agree!

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