PDA2K battery tests and more Treo 650 ranting

I am running battery tests on my PDA2K today with the standard battery and 3300 mAh Mugen Power battery so I am using my Treo 650 as my main device today. The Treo 650 is a wonderful piece of hardware, but the phone issues (low speaker volume, low speakerphone volume, crackling, inconsistent sounds, etc.) are really unacceptable for such an expensive device. Palm die hards always claim that Palm devices are stable and laugh at Pocket PC. However, the truth is that the latest palmOne devices (Tungsten T5 and Treo 650) are less stable than Windows Mobile 2003 devices. My PDA2K has over 50 applications on it and it is rock solid and NEVER resets on its own. I have never once experienced a hard reset on it and it is very reliable. The phone functionality (volumes and no dropped calls) makes it the best phone I have ever owned as well.

My Treo 650 review is going live on Geek.com tomorrow. After the first two weeks of using the Treo 650 I was all set to give it a Geek.com pick, as I think I stated in a recent PDAGeek newsletter. However, after giving it longer to sink in and experiencing the substandard phone functionality I just could not award it a Geek.com pick with the current ROM. If palmOne releases a fix for the volume levels and memory efficiency then I would give it a Geek.com pick. I still really like it for data and it is a great Palm Powered device.

I would love to see a Windows Mobile Treo 650, as rumored online, but I would still need to see the good keyboard and directional pad integration to be sold on it. palmOne came so close to a wonderful, awesome device and I can’t believe their engineers couldn’t get the basic phone functions right. I have been emailing my palmOne contact with questions to see if there are any planned fixes, but haven’t received any responses and am a bit disappointed in that.

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