PDA2K Mugen Power battery tests

I finally finished running a battery test using Spb Benchmark on my PDA2K. I first tested the standard included battery, 1490 mAh, and with backlight on full and in normal operating mode it came out to 4 hours and 54 minutes. Running the same test with the Mugen Power 3300 mAh battery I received a whopping 11 hours and 3 minutes. This battery does stick out a bit and makes my cases unusable, but I have been running with it every weekend with lots of WiFi time and it has never gotten close to dying on me. If you are a traveler and want a reliable battery that lasts a long time then I would definitely consider picking one of these up for $125. The standard battery life isn’t even that bad considering I only have my backlight normally set to 25% (it is quite bright at that setting) and can go a full day with lots of use. I have a Mugen battery for my Axim X30 as well and these are very good quality 3rd party batteries.

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