PocketMap Navigator USA 2004 R3 is amazing!

I reviewed PocketMap Navigator USA 2003 over two years ago on Pocket PC Life and haven’t tried it since then. I recently made contact with them and asked to review the latest version for Geek.com. I am including a short teaser in the upcoming Tax Day Buying Guide and am working a full review of the software to be published later. I have had it for over a month, maybe even two, and never even loaded it until a couple days ago.

WOW, the application is awesome and greatly improved over an already very nice product. One of the nicest features of PocketMap Navigator USA 2004 R3 is the ability to create all of your routes right on your device. The only time you need a desktop is to get the maps loaded onto your device. Like Mapopolis, maps are broken down by counties. PMN also has highway routing and a cool “corridor” feature on the desktop. What you do is create a route and then PMN figures out all the counties you will be passing through and then loads them to your device or storage card.

Although I have only been testing it for a short while so far, I love their updated easy-to-navigate with your finger interface. I loaded it up on my Axim X50v and plan on doing some routing and testing with it over the next couple weeks. The program has a 3D view, Outlook contact integration, different routing alternatives, and real-time traffic detour features. I don’t know what they use for the traffic detour, but I am going to check out this feature since this could be very helpful for our vanpool. PMN 2004 sells for $89.95 that includes all the maps for the US. They have bundles with GPS receivers too, but I already have my awesome Pharos Bluetooth receiver that goes with me everywhere.

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