Is mobile search important to you?

I found a post on Aximsite last night discussing the new Google Local Mobile search functionality and went and gave it a whirl. I submitted a blurb on PDAGeek that discusses this new tool for mobile devices. As a result of checking this out, I also discovered that the XHTML (WAP 2.0) Google Mobile search pages are better than the Google Palm page I have been using on my devices because it does a better job of fitting to the display and it allows me to use the image and local search filters.

I am participating in the MSN Search Champs conference starting on Sunday and would like to see MSN Search make an attempt at optimizing for mobile devices. Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PC Phone Edition models are becoming more and more popular and they could even ship with MSN Search Mobile preloaded on the devices with the other Microsoft products. When MSN Search was first rolled out it didn’t even work on Windows Mobile devices, but that was corrected within a couple weeks. It now works on mobile devices, but the results are the same as you get with your desktop.

I posted a blurb a couple weeks ago on PDAGeek concerning mobile search that didn’t even get one comment so maybe there aren’t as many people who want an optimized mobile search tool as I thought. Does anyone care about mobile search?

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