GSM Treo 650 speakerphone volume can be improved

My buddy Peter sent me an email yesterday linking to this TreoCentral discussion thread talking about a new method to increase the volume of the speakerphone. The speaker and speakerphone volumes are too low to use in any environment other than a silent one on the GSM Treo 650 (I read that the CDMA versions don’t have this problem) and this is a major issue for those who use the Treo 650 as a mobile phone. Now personally, I am more data centric so this hasn’t bothered me as much and I keep using the Treo 650 as my primary device (the PUSH email is way too addictive). Also, volumes are very loud when I use my Cardo Scala-500 Bluetooth headset, which I use all the time when I am driving.

Anyway, back to the discussion forum and method to increase the speakerphone volume. I performed the steps and then tested out the speakerphone by placing the Treo 650 on my dash (I have a sticky gel pad to set it on) and calling my wife. The speakerphone volume was definitely improved and I could carry on a conversation without having to hold the Treo to my ear like I had to before. I don’t know if it is 75% improved, but probably at least 50%. This setting may only be temporary and the procedure may have to be followed after each soft reset, but it is a band aid fix for now.

The back speaker is plenty loud for music and this little procedure shows it can be increased for the phone as well so I think there is real hope that it is only a minor software glitch and palmOne needs to get off their rear NOW and get this fixed ASAP! They should have had it solved by now and can issue a simple downloadable software update to make customers much happier. They may be waiting to release the update along with the memory fix they gave Sprint customers, but my palmOne contact has been unresponsive to my emails so I don’t have the inside scoop on this yet.

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