MSN Search Champs 2 Day 1

Day 1 was quite long, but we covered a lot of ground. It was good to see that mobile devices is on their roadmap, although we may not see much this year. It cannot be an easy task for MSN Search to get integrated on mobile devices since this is a completely different department with their own priorities. I try to use MSN Search for internet searches, but keep going back to Google. MSN Search is coming along nicely and there are some upcoming features that may make it more convincing for me.

Now MSN Desktop Search is something I absolutely love and use all the time. I have tried Google and Copernic, but MSN was the only one to handle my office network drives so well. We have project folders dating back to 1993 and there is no good Access or other database system other than paper printouts of job lists. Desktop Search now changes all that for me and I can find documents instantly. We saw a couple of cool Microsoft Research tools that you can soon check out at the research site.

We had a great dinner at El Gauchos last night and the filet mignon was outstanding.

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