MSN Search Champs discussions

We are here listening to Microsoft folks talking about MSN Search and many of the bloggers are quite passionate about what they want to see. This has been leading me to wonder if having so many bloggers here is really valuable to Microsoft and Search because I do not think that the majority of web surfers care much about advanced features and some of the other aspects brought up here. The attendees here are very intelligent and are providing valuable input for what they want to see, but is this the same as what my Mom or Aunt want to see or use?

Just thinking about my family, friends, and coworkers they do not even know what a blog is, they could care less if there are a couple ads on their search results page (Google has them too), they like having Encarta give them instant answers, etc.

Microsoft is doing well advancing Search and I think a few interface changes and letting people know it is there is all that really needs to be done initially. An easier URL and having the Search bar at the top of MSN will help.

I personally do love using Google and one of the reasons I went to it in the first place is because it has a simple interface and gives me good results. MSN Search is looking much better (and actually gives better results for palmsolo than Google does) and can do well and I am sure they will. Shoot, look at what they have done in catching up and maybe even passing Palm with mobile devices.

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