Treo 650 ticks me off at times

Yesterday I received an email telling me out T-ball game schedule changed and the email included a link to a PDF file. I was able to download the file, but the Adobe Reader app on the Treo would not open it or even see it. I moved around into different areas on my SD card and it still would not work. Man, was this frustrating or what?

As I stated in my story of the salvage case a few weeks ago, the PDA2K Windows Mobile device is more reliable and useful for real work.

I have also been having some random resets on my Treo lately. The problem is that it resets and even locks up while it is just sitting there and then when I pick it up to see if there are any emails or calls I find that it was not even on.

There have been some things going on in my life recently too that are causing me to evaluate what I should be doing with some of my time. I am seriously considering selling this Treo 650 because it is becoming more of a novelty than a necessity. I am looking forward to the iPAQ Mobile Messenger running Windows Mobile.

My wife tried to make a call on my Treo yesterday and the stupid thing froze and had to be reset. Then when she did make the call the volume was not loud enough for her. I also have not received a single email back from my palmOne contact on the issues which causes me concern for buyers of their products.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on April 23, 2005 - 19:26

    I hate to say this but the Treo simply isn’t a device for non-techies or people that aren’t willing to take the time to understand how the device works. It just isn’t a plug and play sort of thing.

    I have a 650 and I absolutely love it, its rock solid and I haven’t had a reset (other than apps that ask you to reset after installation) for over a month now. I have everything from verichat to docs to go to chatter e-mail on it.

    On the otherhand, you have to really understand how the device works. Besides that, much of what is balmed as the fault of the device is actually the fault of the user. For instance the adobe reader only reads pdf files that are transfered from your computer and formated for the reader. It cannot read raw pdf files. SO when you downloaded that file and couldn’t read it, its nothing to do with the treo. You should have read the directions and realized that you were using the adobe palm program in a way that adobe did not intend. Of course it’s easier to just blame the device..

  2. #2 by palmsolo on April 25, 2005 - 07:39

    I never tried reading a PDF file on the road with a Palm Powered device before and now understand that this issue is a problem on all Palm devices and not just the Treo 650. PDF files are important for me to review on the road, such as when I go on a salvage case, and requiring a desktop conduit is unacceptable. I can read PDF files fine on my Windows Mobile devices with a couple of 3rd party applications, including the free Adobe reader.

    I still do like the Treo 650 and it is tough to give up, but I find myself going back to the PDA2K when I need to get some real work done. Multi-tasking is also important to me and the more I use the Treo, the more I find the Palm OS hampering me.

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