Building new computer issues

As I mentioned last week, I bought a decent barebones kit and had everything together in less than an hour. I then became a bit bold and started scavenging parts from my existing desktop. Everything seemed to go well until I tried installing the OS and kept getting stalled. The desktop is vital for my wife so I spent way too many hours putting the old one back together and thankfully got it running again. I did upgrade it to XP Pro first though and kept some pieces in the new one.

My next plan of action is to put the new hard drive in my existing box and get it all formatted and ready to go. I will then try to install the two drives in the new one, using my existing drive as the master in hopes that it works. I do not mind messing with the BIOS and stuff, but just need to get it right before the end of the month.

It has been fun messing with it so far, although my wife is not too happy with me geeking out so much tonight:)

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