Am I flipping out? PDA2K may also be up for sale

The Treo 650 and all associated gear has now been sold and I will be shipping the whole package out tomorrow morning to a buyer in Illinois. I hope he enjoys it as much as I did and like when I sold my Zodiac 2 I am sure I will regret the decision later. Then again, it is only a material thing and I just can’t get so attached to these devices.

I now have another idea for raising funds for a Tablet PC. I am seriously considering selling off my wonderful i-mate PDA2K that I have had now for almost 3 months. I had a MDA III for a couple months before that as well. I really do like these Phone Edition devices, but again I should be able to get over $600 for the device, the 3300 mAh battery, and other accessories that I have for the device. I am going to try going back to a two device solution with the Nokia 7610, Tungsten T3, and Axim X50v as my solutions. As I spend more time evaluating my real needs and trying to spend more time with my family while saving funds for a more powerful computing solution I want to try this out. If this works, then a Smartphone combined with a Tablet PC with integrated Bluetooth may be a better solution.

Some of the reasons I am leaning this way is that I have been doing some soul searching and real life breakdown of necessities lately and here are some truths.

  1. I am approaching my 12th year of marriage and find I am spending too much time with my devices, rather than with my wonderful wife who deserves more from me than what I have been giving her.
  2. I only get about 20-25 emails on my address each day, with the majority being from forums and lists that I am a member of.
  3. I am an engineer and only get about 10 emails a day at work since we spend most of our time doing calculations and talking to clients on the phone in the office.
  4. I am on the road with my vanpool for 2+ hours a day, but now I drive home everyday and usually end up falling asleep during the morning commute as that is becoming more important to me than surfing PDA sites.
  5. I primarily use my Axim X50v at home due to the VGA display and good WiFi range. Dell loans me the devices for long term use so I can save on buying Windows Mobile devices by using the loaners.
  6. I use my mobile phone to call my wife 95% of the time and rarely is email critical.

If anyone is interested in an excellent condition i-mate PDA2K, feel free to email me. Here is what I have for the PDA2K: the unit with a JAVOScreen screen protector that has been on since day 1 along with the original box, extra stylus, cradle, and battery it came with originally, a brown Piel Frama case, a Proporta Alu-leather black book style case, and a Mugen Power 3300 mAh battery. I’ll have to check and see if I have something else, but I think that is it. These units are still going for $700+ on ebay and I am including a huge capacity battery valued at $115 along with two cases valued over $80. I am considering offers around $650 at this time.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on April 25, 2005 - 15:59

    I think you are jumping the gun going to a tablet pc at this point. It’s still maturing. Tablet PC’s have only one killer app which is the note taking. All other functions including typing a letter or watching a movie are better on a laptop. Microsoft and/or Apple should have a new slant on the idea within the next couple of years with a device that’s size wise between current pda’s and table pc’s and which will have better battery life for note jotting.

    I’ve tried life the last year with a phone and pda (no pocket space), just pda (dangerous), and just phone (too frustrating). I can’t wait for a converged device. Whatever way you go, make sure you still have a good syncing solution.

    Good Luck!


  2. #2 by Robert on April 26, 2005 - 16:04

    Geeeez, Is the rain getting to you up there?

    As you know I bought a laptop after I sold you the PDA2K.

    The biggest drawback is that it is not as portable. It’s a little different pulling out a PDA than toting a big bag around and unzipping and unloading to check email, etc. Its really an event, and I find myself waiting until I can be at a desktop instead of hasseling with it. Seems that once at home or work I can use the desktop, and meanwhile the work can keep.

    Of course, when traveling to see my son in college last weekend, it served as my 11 year old daughters personal entertainment device, complete with DVD player and SIMS game.

    Would you be toting both the tablet PC and PDA daily? For me, it comes down to “how important is it to have access to email when not at the desktop?”. Hats off to you for realizing that it is possible to be too connected. Business did get done before wireless devices and mobile phones, just not as much. Which begs the question, how much productivity is enough? Is that determined by your boss/company? yourself?

    Check out

    I checked at GoDaddy, and both “lapsolo” and “tabletsolo” are both available :).

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