Treo 650 deal underway

My Treo 650 may soon be leaving and I am still having a tough time letting it go. The unpractical geek in me wants to keep it since it is a very nice device and the form factor is almost perfect. I just find the Palm OS too limiting for my needs when it comes to business and cannot justify keeping two phones that cost over $600 to $700 each. Peter is going to kill me when it goes, but I think he understands I am really more of a Windows Mobile fan than a Palm fan at this time in my life.

It looks like the 650 may be going to a good home and the buyer is getting a nice deal on a complete package with a backup battery so it is ready to travel.

I have also been thinking about getting a Tablet PC after selling a couple more items. There were several people using them at the MSN Search Champs conference and I am seriously thinking about saving up my money for one. Then again, I am a PDAGeek and should try to stick with only mobile devices. I should save up for a Windows Mobile 2005 device and see that Dell may provide an upgrade for X50 users, which would be awesome since that is my favorite dedicated, non-phone PDA right now.

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