Bought a Tablet, now please buy my PDA2K

I made the leap yesterday and paid for a Fujitsu T4010 Tablet PC. It looks like a great high-quality model and the one I bought is only 3 weeks old and basically brand new. It doesn’t come with a drive, so I may go out and pay the $200 for the DVD/CD-RW model. Then again, I really only need that if I am going to be watching movies since I can use an external USB drive to install applications. Where will I really be watching movies on my Tablet anyway? OK, I just convinced myself to wait on the drive and stick with a lighter Tablet instead. It also only has 256MB RAM, but I am buying another 512MB stick for $80 to slap in there. The hard drive is 40GB, which is fine and the processor is 1.8GHz. I plan on using this with a Smartphone and connecting via Bluetooth for wireless data when I am vanpooling and traveling. I hope this will allow me to be more productive and allow me to get away from sitting in front of the desktop. I do use my mobile devices for starting reviews, but always have to go back to the desktop to put the photos together and do final layout, etc. I tried out the Electrovaya Scribbler for 3 months last year and think this latest generation of Tablet is ready for serious users to make the jump.

I look forward to installing and using OneNote, MindManager, EverNote, MessagEase, ritePen, and more. I understand the Tablet can be a compelling and very functional device if you use it to its potential. I think the danger of having a convertible is that you use it too much as a laptop since that is what we are used to. I am going to try to take advantage of the handwriting functionality and change my habits a bit. I plan on posting thoughts about my Tablet use here and have added another domain registration to my collection. My current domains I am going to point here are,, and

As a result of making this purchase, I now really need to sell my i-mate PDA2K to offset the cost and am looking for only $600 for the entire package (I am listing this for $625 for those who don’t check out my blog). This includes a great condition PDA2K (minor scratches around outside of front and rub marks on sides of keyboard, but everything else is MINT), Proporta Alu-leather book case, Piel Frama flip case, 3300 mAh battery, and JAVOScreen screen protector that has been on since day 1.

  1. #1 by Mr_Ding on April 28, 2005 - 20:00

    Hey, $600 here compared to $625 on PocketPC Thoughts.

    I hope you will only charge me $600US

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