Computer building status

I posted a couple days ago that the installation of everything went well and I was having some booting problems. I tried using just my old drive upgraded to XP Pro, but that did not work and I figured there was a BIOS problem. I took a day off to collect my thoughts and plan of attack and then went at it last night.

I figured out I did not have the hard drive jumpers set properly (I did not even know what a jumper was when I started this project) and needed to mess with the boot order. I also read it was not a good idea to try to put an existing drive from an OEM in a new computer. The old HP Pavilion we have has a lot of HP junk on it and I can understand it not liking a new motherboard.

So I went back to my original plan of using my new drive as the master and successfully installed Windows XP Pro. I had to call MS for activation since I used it on the old drive that I am reformatting soon. After this install was done everything else went smooth and I was able to salvage the CDRW, DVD-ROM, floppy, and hard drive from my old computer. I installed Office, Trend Micro Internet Security, and ActiveSync 3.8 so far and things are going well. It is refreshing to have such a clean harddrive where I know what everything installed is for.

Photos of PC building process

Scavenging old HP Pavilion

Starting fresh

Almost done building

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