How can I watch movies on this Tablet?

One of the distinctive features of the Fujitsu T4010 is the ability to have a CD or DVD burner in the media bay. The unit I purchased does not have this in it and it cost $200 for the CDRW/DVD ROM and something like $300+ for the DVD burner. I was thinking of getting the CDRW/DVD ROM, but then took a look at why I would use it. I do need a CD to install software, but I have an external CDRW unit already that simply plugs into the USB connection so that isn’t an issue. I rarely even burn CDs and don’t imagine I would ever burn DVDs either. So then a big reason a lot of people use them is to watch movies on a plane. That I would do, but I just had a thought that I can just use the Pocket DVD Studio software I have and burn movies on my 1GB or 512MB CF cards. You can get a fairly high quality movie down to a size that fits on these cards and I think the battery savings would be wonderful over a spinning CD drive. So for now, I am foregoing the drive and will attempt to use my high capacity flash cards for movie watching on the Tablet.

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