In Hawaii this week, limited postings

I am on a work (with 2 days of vacation) trip to Hawaii this week so there will be limited postings on my blog until I get back and should find my new Tablet PC ready and waiting. I actually brought my wife and oldest daughter (her 11th birthday present) along since my flight and hotel was paid for by work.

I brought my Tungsten T3, Dell Axim X30 (it has a high capacity battery so the X50 was left behind), and Nokia 7610. I am actually writing this entry with my Think Outside IR keyboard on a Dell Axim X30 connected to the Nokia 7610. I also just submitted my blog news entries and it takes a lot more work using only mobile devices and I can’t wait to try traveling with the Tablet PC next time. PDAs and Smartphones are the way to go for mobile data, but when you are in your hotel room and want to get real work done they can make life a bit difficult and tasks can be a bit more timely.

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