Traveling home from Hawaii

I am on the way home from a 5 days in Hawaii and am writing this blog entry on my Dell Axim X30 and Think Outside IR keyboard. I would have taken my Axim X50, except I do not have an extended life battery for it, while I have the Mugen Power one for the X30 that seems to last forever. My new Tablet PC should be waiting for me when I get home and I cannot wait to fire it up. I was on vacation for about 4 days and working for a day in Hawaii and only used my mobile devices to write my Geek news blurbs and check email occasionally during lulls in the action. I used the Nokia 7610 smartphone most of the time and was extremely pleased with its performance.

There were a couple of times when I was limited by what I could do or had to spend more time than I really wanted to when using mobile devices. I had to use the hotel’s internet computer to check in for our return flight and get our seats together since my flight was booked separately from my wife and daughters. I also wish I had the Tablet to surf more websites and manage my email a bit better. My wife also wanted to check and write emails, but doesn’t like the small display and text entry options on a Pocket PC. As I posted about a couple weeks ago, my wife and I are going on an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii in a couple weeks and I plan on bringing the Tablet along. I won’t live on the device and will only use it just before going to sleep or early in the morning to stay in touch with the world and get my required blurbs posted. I did well this trip in hardly touching my devices and enjoying myself and plan on doing the same next trip.

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