Loading up the Tablet PC

My new Fujitsu Tablet PC was waiting for me when I arrived home on early Saturday morning and I spent most all my free time over the weekend installing applications on it. I have installed Office 2003, OneNote, MindManager, ActiveWords, MSN Desktop Search, EverNote, MessagEase, Shark, ActiveSync, FileZilla FTP, NewsGator, WinZip, Trend Micro Internet Suite 2005, Mirra, Nokia PC Suite, TextPad, MSN Messenger 7, and the Experience pack and Power Toys for Tablet PC.

I haven’t even begun to tap into the power of OneNote, ActiveWords, or MindManager and look forward to seriously checking these and more out on this Tablet PC. So far I am quite happy with the hardware and just need to get Bluetooth figured out. At this time, I can use a USB cable connected to the Nokia 7610 and get online anywhere and I will use this for now until I get a compatible USB dongle or internal Bluetooth radio that I can install.

  1. #1 by Robert on May 10, 2005 - 06:49

    Is MSN Desktop Search better than Google Desktop?

    Which bluetooth device will you use? I will be buying one for a trip this June, and want to be able to sync up with one of our phones with bluetooth. Is the cable better?

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