All right! GroupWise and Outlook can play together

I did some chatting around the office and found another coworker who had both Outlook 2003 and GroupWise 6.5 running on the same machine since he was a BIG Outlook user and fan. I then gave my Tablet over to the IT department and asked them to go ahead and load the Novell client and GroupWise 6.5 on my new machine. After that I took it back and then removed the Windows Messaging utility from the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel since it prevents the two boys from playing together nicely. I then made a couple changes in the Outlook settings and now I have them both running like a champ on my Fujitsu!

I can’t send emails from my personal account out with Outlook due to some firewall issues, but I can just use the web interface to get around that. The Calendars are also not integrated, but I can open and make changes to the GW one in Outlook. I have a pretty empty work calendar anyways so making duplicate entries for a few appointments isn’t much of an issue for me.

They have my new laptop (Dell Latitude D610 labeled in a box and waiting for me, but I told them to give me a few days of using my personal Tablet to see if it will work for me as my only computer. I will still have my desktop at home that my wife uses, but I really do want to give this Tablet PC a chance. If I then decide to stick with and use my own Tablet then they will pass the laptop to someone else in the upgrade cycle (every 4 years for us here at work). This would probably then mean that I would have to stick with providing my own computer until my cycle turn was up again, which is 3 years since they just upgraded me to a new desktop last fall. I had to go with a notebook/Tablet though for salvage cases as I mentioned in an earlier blog post.

I think this would be a much better choice since work would save a few bucks and I wouldn’t have to try to figure out how to juggle two notebook/Tablet computers. I may also be able to then get them to purchase another battery or more advanced screen protectors. If I do go this route then I will be the Tablet envangelist at work and try to show them how Tablets can be useful in the engineering field.

I am posting this blog now from the T4010 via a wireless connection here at work. They will also provide a docking station I can use with an external monitor and keyboard if I want too. I imagine if it starts to bog down later I can also get a RAM upgrade in the future.

Do you think the Tablet is a better alternative than the D610?

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