Can my Tablet PC be used for work too?

I am enjoying the use of the Tablet PC so far, but need to spend more time with the handwriting usage and stop using it so much in laptop orientation. It is a tough habit to break and at this early stage it seems almost cumbersome to handwrite instead of type. I just started using OneNote a bit last night and really need to figure out how to use the program since it seems like a great way to capture thoughts, plans, etc.

I am supposed to be getting a Dell laptop soon at work and now am wondering if the Tablet was a necessary purchase. I needed to move from a desktop to a notebook since I travel for salvage cases and need a device more powerful than a Pocket PC or Palm PDA on the road to build ship models and run my analysis. One big issue for me though is the work laptop has to be configured to a certain standard, which includes having to install and use GroupWise 6.5. GroupWise is a big step up from the crappy Pegasus email solution we were using, but I still think it is a far cry from Outlook 2003. I just took a look at the Novell site and the Sequoia version of GroupWise looks almost like Outlook 2003 and should be a nice improvement. My problem is that Outlook works so well at syncing with Palm and Windows Mobile devices and the third party applications I have tried have issues syncing at times and are not as intuitive. I also cannot run Outlook 2003 and GroupWise 6.5 on the same computer because they use the same MAPI profile.

I want to use the Tablet PC to its potential, but if I can’t use it during my day job then I am missing out on a large chunk of time when I could be using its powerful handwriting features. I suppose I could take my notes, etc. using OneNote and convert them into Word or something and then transfer them to my work computer, but I have to look into this some more. I would prefer to use the Tablet at meetings and when I am making notes on phone calls instead of using the steno notebooks I use now for these tasks.

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