Spreading the PDA addiction in my vanpool

It seems the PDA addiction is spreading in my vanpool now as two more riders have just receive Dell Axim devices (the solid X30 models) from their employer. They are facilities maintenance guys and their employer plans on sending work orders to them around the hospital so they don’t have to keep reporting back and getting handed paperwork for the orders. This should save them some repeated trips back to the main station. It is funny to hear their awe when I tell them things like you can watch movies, listen to music, and even stream content to the devices in addition to using Word and Excel. I probably shouldn’t tell them about all the great Pocket PC games or their boss may see them using the devices for the wrong purposes.

There is already another guy, Scott, who has at least two Dell Axim devices and so we now have 4 out of 9 with a PDA in their hands. I think Paul is the next to get one after listening to his brother talk about his new X30 so more than 50% will have Windows Mobile devices. I may have to see about setting up a Bluetooth access point with my T-Mobile Bluetooth phone and Belkin BT AP and get everyone surfing during the commute.

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