Tablet trials at work going well so far

I have now been using the Fujitsu Tablet for about half a day as my only work computer and so far so good. The Fujitsu has an amazing wide angle display where I can drop it completely flat and still read the screen as if it was right in front of me at 90 degrees. This is a great feature compared to laptops where you can hardly read the display at any unusual angle. I am also finding the WiFi range to be quite good and connect to my work network via WiFi at this time while I am testing out the Tablet to see if it will work as my only work computer.

I have a conference call today and plan on using OneNote to take notes. I am also heading to New Orleans next week for a day and plan on taking the Fuji as my traveling companion. This morning I was able to research and put together my blog entries using the Fuji connected to my Nokia 7610 via the USB cable. I am getting a Bluetake Bluetooth dongle and mouse soon to review and will then try using Bluetooth to connect. The older Ambicom Bluetooth dongle I have is not working and never really has very well with even my desktop computer.

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