Uh oh, ink issues with first attempt at Word document annotations

OK, I just learned my first lesson when trying to use my Tablet to make annotations on a Word document in a conference call. Make sure the document is saved locally first or make sure you are in an area where a wireless connection is available. Apparently my other associate’s office doesn’t get a good WiFi signal like I do at my desk. I had a Word document opened up and ready to go, along with IE, OneNote, GroupWise 6.5, MSN Messenger, Windows Explorer, and a couple other utilities. When I started trying to annotate the document I found the ink would not work at all and had to resort to using a pen to write on a piece of paper. After I was out of range, lots of connection errors started appearing and I think that along with the autosave feature in Word really messed things up. I’ll have to try again and remember to “grab” the document from the server first 🙂

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