T4010 review and Bluetooth experiences

As you know I bought the Fujitsu T4010 Lifebook Tablet over a week ago and am making it my main computer. I haven’t even logged into my home desktop, which is a new AMD 64 baby I just built, since I have had the Fuji and feel a bit liberated by the ability to do everything from the dining room and rec room without having to be chained to the office desk. I just read the excellent MobileTechReview.com T4010 review and found out the Toshiba Bluetooth drivers are not preloaded on these units by default. You have to load them from the CD, which now gets my wondering if maybe I already have a Bluetooth radio and the previous owner just did not load the drivers yet. The guy I bought it from said he doesn’t use Bluetooth so was unaware if this model had it or not. I will have to check it out when I get home tonight, unless I can get the CD and a CDROM from our IT guys at work who also have a T4010 they were testing out.

Speaking of Bluetooth, my contact at Bluetake just sent me their new BT500 Bluetooth mini mouse and BT007Si Bluetooth dongle that I received yesterday. I loaded the awesome IVT BlueSoleil driver and was able to connect the USB dongle to my Nokia 7610, Tungsten E2 I am reviewing, and their BT mouse in no time. I had to make a minor connection string setting in the Control Panel that was a bit of a pain to find, but I am now able to surf via BT while out and about. It is only GPRS speed, but it is actually not too bad. I will definitely be easily impressed with 3G speeds that hopefully will come in the next year or two. I was unable to connect to the 7610 using the older Ambicom Bluetooth dongle I tried and am very pleased with this Bluetake one that is about half the size. I also hooked up the BT mouse and am using that as my main mouse with the Fuji now. It is small, but still very comfortable and has performed well so far.

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