Timbuk2 case rocks and other Tablet accessories

When I attend Microsoft events like Mobius or MSN Search Champs, we are usually given some great goodies. I have a two Mobius backpacks and a MSN Search backpack that I have stored in a closet at home because I am just not a backpack kind of guy. My daughters use them for sleepovers and things, but they are not used much. At the latest MSN Search Champs conference we received the very nice Timbuk2 Commute bag that I immediately switched to using. Before this I had a Trager bag that I used for over 10 years and then moved to the more spacious bag I received from CES 2005 this year. The CES bag was a bit too big for me and I found myself carrying too much. I then received the Timbuk2 and haven’t looked back.

Now that I have the Fuji, it fits perfectly in the well-padded laptop slot in the bag and is well protected from Seattle weather with the rubberized bottom and rubberized/vinly top inside flap liner. I like being able to carry the Tablet in this bag where I carry other mobile devices, paperwork, pens, business cards, etc. and hated having to carry around a monster laptop only bag with the old Dell laptop I was given when I first started working at The Glosten Associates over 4 years ago.

Now that I have a Tablet I plan on checking out choices for screen protection (I have the included Fujitsu one on there now, which is acceptable for the time being), third party pen/stylus models, and maybe even keyboard covers. I already have a Bluetooth dongle and mouse so my kit is pretty well setup now.

  1. #1 by Marc Orchant on May 13, 2005 - 18:41

    I completely agree – the Timbuk2 bag is just perfect for toting a Tablet PC and accessories around. I started using mine while at Search Champs and it has become my every day bag.

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