Microsoft will soon release full MSN Desktop Search

As readers to my blog know, I have attended the last two MSN Search Champs conferences and have been beta testing some pieces of MSN Search for the last few months. Tonight Microsoft will officially announce the move out of beta for MSN Desktop Search and also release the latest install that has some very nice improvements. You will be able to download the new MSN Desktop Search from the Microsoft site later tonight after the official announcement is made. I like the way Desktop Search pops up a window and starts filtering/searching as you enter text in the search toolbar. They also have a cool preview window, pop-up blocker, and highlight feature. Microsoft will be announcing the upcoming tabbed browser feature that I have been using now for a few weeks. After I bought the Tablet PC, I only loaded Desktop Search and use IE for all my internet browsing. I am a huge fan of tabbed browsing and used Opera and Firefox mainly for this feature. There is still some work needed on tabbed browsing, but it is working well even in beta so far.

I have tried Google Desktop and Copernic for searching, but I have personally found MSN Desktop Search to work much better at indexing and finding results across my work’s network drives. Fellow coworkers have been searching using the default method in Windows Explorer and after showing them MSN Desktop Search on my Tablet I then have to show them where to download and install it. Microsoft will also be announcing they are working on a corporate desktop search solution that should work even better in my situation.

MSN Desktop Search will also give you one-click access to MSN services like MSN Messenger, Hotmail, internet Search and MSN Spaces.

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