Back from vacations

Wow, I have been gone now for quite some time and I was away from my mobile devices and gadgets 98% of the time. We spent 5 days on the Big Island and then 5 days over in Soap Lake, WA camping with our kids. I spent a ton of time by the pool and recharging my batteries (solar power that is:)) I am going to work tomorrow for the first time in a week and a half and plan on cranking out the mobile device reviews again soon too. I am actually putting together this post from my trailer parked at my house as we are taking a little break from unpacking from our camping trip.

I only used my Fujitsu Tablet for Geek blurbs, but other than that I did not use my devices at all. I didn’t even read ebooks like I normally do on vacation. It was refreshing to be unconnected, but I started to miss my devices too and am happy to be back in action. Look for more blog posts as I get back into the swing of things since plenty has happened in the mobile device world since I have been gone.

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