What is up with the LifeDrive and MPx220 thoughts

My current Palm Powered device is the palmOne (actually it is still labeled Palm) Tungsten T3 which I am quite happy with since I really only use it for reviewing software. There has been quite a bit of talk about the new palmOne LifeDrive with 4GB hard drive, Bluetooth, and WiFi. I haven’t yet had a chance to play with one myself so I can’t make my own judgements on it, but I am leary of the reported long lag times. Super fast response is a quality that is still an advantage in the Palm OS world and I hope these lags are just due to certain applications and not the standard operating procedure. palmOne hasn’t sent Geek.com a review unit yet and so we have to wait until the first tier PDA sites return the units for us to get one. We may have a guest reviewer post something on Geek.com soon instead and I have to get to a local CompUSA to try one out myself.

My wife was converted to a Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone after I gave her the Motorola MPx220 I received at Mobius last December. Her phone has had serious issues in the last couple months that were supposed to be taken care of with a ROM update that still seems to be in the works. Thankfully Motorola sent us a replacement phone that seems to be working quite well and I found a link to a ROM update via the Howard Forums discussion threads and am loading that on her older machine as well. I have been using the Nokia 7610 as my main smartphone for over a month due to the excellent battery life and easy Bluetooth functionality. I may start using the other MPx220 though since I prefer the Windows Mobile Smartphone interface with the quick keypad navigation functionality.

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