Another Zaurus on the way

In anticipation of speaking at Raincoast 2005 and to satisfy my desire to have a handheld Linux devices, I jumped at the recent ad for a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 for $164 this weekend. I have used a couple of these Zaurus devices and liked the 760 the best, but it cost over $500 and my second favorite was the 5500. Since I don’t plan on using it that much I went with the much cheaper option. I want to demo as many devices from different operating systems as possible at Raincoast and this unit even has a 90 day warranty.

Searching around for this device led me back down the road of remembering all my old devices and I really do miss a few of them, like the CLIE NX70 and UX50, the Zaurus C-760 and the Jornada 568 (I owned this one for over 9 months and is second to my T3 that I have now had for I think over a year).

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