Should be adding a Newton back to my collection soon too

As I prepare some gear for Raincoast 05, I want to build up my older collection of devices I used to own a bit and since my Dell Axim X30 High is sitting idle and needs to find a good home I offered it up for trade on the NewtonTalk list and received several responses almost immediately. It looks like I will be able to make a trade for a Newton 2000/2100 unit like I desire and will be giving away a VERY nice package that contains a MINT Axim X30 High, Piel Frama black leather crocodile case, 2000 mAh extended battery, retractable USB sync/charge cable, and USB cradle. The total Dell package is worth over $350 or more in today’s prices (much more for original costs) and the specs blow away the Newton, but I personally love Apple products and desire to get a Newton back in my possession. I’ll keep you updated on the trade and post some thoughts when the Newton arrives.

  1. #1 by sunripen on June 9, 2005 - 07:06

    Ouch! Somebody got a steal of a deal with that trade, I think!

    Have you ever seen this site, where they sell mainly Newton Message Pads, dc’d Fujitsu tablets?

    $175 for a Newton 2100.

  2. #2 by palmsolo on June 9, 2005 - 07:44

    Actually, there were tons of offers from people after seeing my post on the NewtonTalk list. I ended up trading for two Newton 2100s and the Newton book Defying Gravity, along with lots of accessories so I think it was a fairly good trade for us both.

    I didn’t want to deal with selling all my gear and then buying one and felt this was the easiest way to get a Newton back in my hands.

    I almost did buy one from that site as they seem to be a great Newton resource.

  3. #3 by sunripen on June 11, 2005 - 20:58

    Oh, well, you left out a few small details of your trade! Glad to see you got a good deal anyway!

    I will look forward to your reviews of the Newton. Been tempted many times to get one.

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