XM Radio on Windows Mobile and another truck accident

I am quite the XM Radio fan and used to carry around the Delphi XM MyFi quite a bit, but lately it has been staying mounted in my truck most of the time. I just found this Aximsite thread that now allows me to connect and listen to XM Radio on my Windows Mobile device. This is awesome since my Windows Mobile device is always with me and extends XM even further for me personally.

Speaking of my truck, can you believe someone else just ran into me again this last weekend. Last October a drunk and stoned driver took out the entire side of my truck while I was driving with my three girls on the way to the dealership to trade it in. My wife was behind us and saw the whole thing. That accident resulted in an almost entire rebuild of the driver side of my 1997 truck at a cost of $9,500. Now I was at a 4 way stop and then as I started going through the intersection a guy totally blew down the road and through the stop sign and right into the front passenger side of my truck. I was seriously ticked because my truck went through that last accident and was in MINT condition again. After checking that my three girls were OK, I jumped out to take a look at was amazed that there was very little visible damage to my truck. Only the front part of the bumper was bent and some scratches and a small broken lens resulted from the accident. The idiots older Volvo had all broken headlights, a smashed bumper, and dented front left panel. We took it to the auto shop and I was surprised by the almost $1,000 estimate to repair my truck. Now I have to try to get the other driver’s insurance to pay up. It has been a bit difficult to get this going though since the driver speaks broken English and keeps saying “All OK” to me. Yeah, it will be all ok if your insurance pays for this damage caused by your senseless actions.

Thankfully no one was injured in the accident and my truck lives on for another day. My truck plate says PDAGEEK, but I am starting to think it says HIT ME HERE!

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