Smartphone thoughts

My wife’s Motorola MPx220 was experiencing serious issues and was unusable over the last month and thankfully Motorola sent out a replacement. I then also found a ROM update online and updated her current unit that fixed the problems. As a result, I get to use the other MPx220 for now and am finding that I really do like the Windows Mobile interface much better than the Symbian Series 60 one.

The Series 60 is icon and directional pad driven where as I can quickly navigate using simple keypad presses with the Windows Mobile Smartphone. Both sync with Outlook fine, but Windows Mobile is more seamless and never gives me any errors. There are also some very fine games on Windows Mobile devices 🙂

The one issue I haven’t yet resolved is connecting my Tablet to the MPx220 for wireless surfing. I can do it via the USB cable, but for some reason Bluetooth isn’t making a successful connection yet. I then pop out the SIM to the Nokia 7610 for wireless browsing if I don’t have the MPx220 cable handy.

I also just received a CoPilot Smartphone package that I am reviewing and will see if it can compare to the excellent Mapopolis Smartphone application. The one bummer about the MPx220 vs. the Orange SPV E200 I have is that the 220 uses miniSD cards while the SPV E200 uses the standard SD format.

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