Zaurus arrived, but I didn't stay up all night

In the past, when a new device arrived on my step I would stay up all night (literally without sleep) and set it up, goof around with it, play games, etc. Now that I realize and have refocused my life on what is important I didn’t do that when the Zaurus SL-5500 arrived yesterday from I simply opened it up, put it on the charger, and then saw that it worked fine. I then hung out with my girls while my wife had a PartyLite show and then went to bed.

The Z looks to be brand new and is in perfect condition. I knew it was a refurb, but can’t believe how good of shape it is in. Everything came extremely well packed with new manuals, cables, CF slot blank, etc. One thing I really like about these Zaurus devices is that I can put custom ROMs on it without a hitch and change the look and feel of the OS. I don’t plan on using it as my primary device, but it is nice to have a Linux PDA back in my hand.

Speaking of Linux, I just received Symantec’s PartitionMagic 8 to review on my newly built PC and can now easily partition one of my hard drives as a Linux drive. I plan on figuring out a Linux product to install and giving that a whirl sometime too.

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