Tablet PC and eSword rock at church

I used my Tablet PC again to take sermon notes at church yesterday and now that I have eSword loaded on it the method really works great. I copy the verse and then paste it into OneNote and have my handwritten sermon notes around the verse. I can even highlight sections of the verse with different colors and also highlight sections of the sermon with different color inkpens. My Fuji fan never turns on during church and is as silent as a church mouse. I have the display down to a low brightness and you can’t even tell I am really using a computer during service. With the amazing wide angle display, I can hold the tablet just like a piece of paper at any angle and still take my sermon notes.

I thought that maybe I could do this same thing with my Axim X50v and PocketBible, but it is more comfortable writing on the Tablet size paper where I can rest my hand on the screen, etc. I may try the Pocket PC once though since I think I can bring it into OneNote after the service.

BTW, our church is going through some great things right now. We had some tough times back in the late fall/winter time period where we had to split from another church we tried to combine with and I was quite exhausted from that episode. We recently had a meeting, I blogged about it here, and ever since then it seems our church has been more focused on prayer and helping each other out. I see some wonderful things coming out from that meeting and the desire of our small body to grow and am excited as we get ready for our big yearly church camp-out. I am also getting the men’s ministries geared up again with monthly breakfasts, weekly Bible study, and planning for Promise Keepers 2005 here in Tacoma.

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