Decided on Nintendo DS for more family fun and cheaper price

After thinking a bit more about whether to buy a PSP with my PayPal mobile device funds I decided against it and instead went with the Nintendo DS. I needed to get my daughter who is turning 9 something for her birthday next week and we were going to get a Nintendo DS for her for Christmas. I thought if I bought her one for her birthday and picked up one for myself then we could play multiplayer games and use the chat function together. Also, we have several GBA games and they are playable on the Nintendo DS. While the PSP hardware is very nice, I can watch movies and listen to music on my other mobile devices with SD cards and don’t have to buy proprietary UMDs or Memory Sticks. I also don’t have to spend a lot of cash investing in PSP games. To top it all off, I bought the unit with Super Mario 64 and a huge accessory kit (containing a stylus, case, extra battery, car charger, etc.) for my daughter at Costco for $200. I then picked up an Electric Blue DS, cool metal briefcase (containing screen protectors, car charger, and game case), Madagascar and Spider-Man 2 for another $225 ($70 off there) at ToysRUs. I also ordered the GBA Movie Player that lets you listen to tunes, read ebooks, view photos, and watch movies for $25.

We started playing my DS last night and it was a lot of fun. I am a huge Donkey Kong fan and enjoy playing Donkey Kong Country on the GBA and DS. I am also looking forward to the upcoming Spyro game for the DS. My daughter’s birthday is Tuesday, the 21st and then I’ll be able to try out the multiplayer gaming and chatting experience. It is cool that some games, like Mario, only require one person to have a cartridge.

I may still dream about a PSP, but with my other mobile devices I think I’ll be quite satisfied with the cheaper DS and ability to play GBA games.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on June 16, 2005 - 21:43

    My boys are around your girls age. They love Super Mario 64 and enjoy the multiplayer racing on the DS. They have gba version of spyro, and love that game. If mario tennis ever makes it over to the ds i will jump on it for them.

    PSP is great and I have some lust for it. But its too expensive, especially the thought of getting two of them for multiplayer.

    Good Luck,


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