Newton 2100 package arrived

I also recieved the package from Canada containing the Newton gear that I traded a Dell Axim X30 for last week. The package contained two mint Newton 2100 MessagePads, ethernet cards, linear flash memory cards, a Newton keyboard, and the Newton book, Defying Gravity. The units are in excellent condition and I am happy to have an Apple PDA back in my hands for old times sake. I probably won’t use them much, but will play with them from time to time and recall the good old days. I now have a PDA from most all operating systems and can prepare my Raincoast 05 talks. I don’t plan on selling off this collection now and won’t keep making the mistake of selling my older units unless there is a compelling reason to upgrade. Since I will be able to upgrade the Axim X50v to Windows Mobile 5.0 I don’t see getting a new device this year at all since the LifeDrive isn’t compelling enough over my existing Tungsten T3.

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